Jennifer Knott Landscape Architecture

Jennifer Knott Landscape Architecture



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(Work completed at Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture)

This 1.3 acre urban park in Pittsburgh's North Side honors the history of the site and the goals of the surrounding community. Distinct planting zones mark the edges of the park and reference the rivers, woodlands and meadows of the Pittsburgh region. Meadow grasses replace traditional lawn and create a sustainable, lush green gathering area. Native perennials line a bioswale channel that filters storm water and supports the existing bald cypress trees that were preserved on site. And a stand of River Birch trees with a native fern understory creates a woodland in the city. This regional connection is strengthened by a palette of rusting cor-ten steel planters and bluestone seat walls woven into the fabric of the park. And a site-specific public art piece with a grid of 64 stainless steel poles that emit a sphere of mist encourages children and adults to run, walk and bike through the misty cloud throughout the day. 

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